Walking , trekking or hiking in Crete is definitely the best way to get the most from Crete. Our trekking tours on Crete, include all services and facilities (experienced guide, transfers, meals, accommodation if necessary). There are so many beautiful locations to explore throughout Crete that you can spend a lifetime visiting them all. Trekking tours are planned in such a way to cover everybody's interest for the landscape, the nature, the people, the culture and the history of Crete.

Crete is the largest the most populated and the southernmost island of Greece. It offers almost year round warm weather, especially on the south coast. It is dominated by a mountain chain from west to east. This chain includes the famous (from the mythology) Idi or Psiloritis mountain the White Mountains and Dikti mountains. Crete island also offers valleys deep gorges hidden coves and plateaus to explore.

Except the thousands of sheep, goats and donkey paths, there is also the European Footpath E4 which runs across the whole length of Crete from Chania in the north west of Crete to Kato Zakros in the south east. The E4 on Crete has several variations along parts of its route so that you can choose whether to follow parts of the coastline for particular stages or hike through the mountains of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains), Psiloritis and its foothills and Mount Dikti.

Grades of Walking and Trekking

Introductory walking
For these excursions no previous experience is required but good helath. You have to be able to walk for 5-6 hrs and enjoy walking. The walks are not flat and you'll enjoy them even more if you've built up a enough stamina!

Moderate walking
If you are reasonably fit you will enjoy these day trips, which will typically involve 5-8 hours walking per day.

Strenuous walking
With this excursions you should expect to walk in mountainous terrain. You have to improve your stamina before these trips and be fit enough for 6-8 hrs per day.

Challenging trekking
Previous experience of trekking is recommended. You need to be fit and confident with good stamina to trek for many hours per day!

Climbing excursions in Crete
Climbing days from specialist operators. For these excursions, previous climbing experience is required or the confidence to learn as you go. You need to have very good stamina be fit and confident that you can climb in demanding conditions.

Summer-Autumn walking tours

Want to enjoy the fields, meadows and mountains in the summer sunshine? No previous experience required, just an enjoyment of walking and the outdoors.

Imbros Gorge
This gorge is becoming more popular, not just for walkers, as it is much easier than Samaria but still ends at the Libyan sea. Being only 7 Km long it is also more attractive perhaps to the less hardy among us.

Samaria Gorge Long-way
"Do" the adventure! Samaria gorge is situated within the National park of Samaria. You will appreciate one of the most spectacular natural beauties of Crete. If you are are reasonably fit and like walking, do this Samaria - long way. Dragged you out of your bed rather early, your coach will bring you to the northern entrance of the gorge above the Omalos plateau at an altitude of 1100m. About 16 kms later in Agia Roumeli you will have a meal or a swim into the Libyan sea. This is the end of the gorge where you will catch a small ferry to Hora-Sfakion cruising along the South coast. Dolphins in tow, alongside or in front as the sun sinks towards the sea is something to experience. Bus is waiting and collect you from Hora-Sfakion. Estimated 10-11 Hours. Good walking shoes are recommended.

Samaria Gorge Easy-Way
A ride you will remember! For those of us who simply can't or don't want to walk 16 kms. The coach will bring you to Hora Sfakion, over the white mountains to the Libyan sea. From here you take a small ferry to Agia Roumeli - the village at the Southern end of the gorge, and from there you can walk into the gorge itself - maybe as far as the Iron Gates, before returning to Agia Roumeli with time for a meal and or a swim in the sea. The ferry returns you to Hora Sfakion and your coach will bring you back to your original departure point.

Winter-Spring walking tours

Usually the weather and temperatures during winter, spring and autumn also provide ideal walking conditions. Winter and spring days often have clearer, less hazy light than hot summer days which is perfect if you want to take photographs of the spectacular scenery you will encounter along your route.

St.Antonio's gorge (Patsos)
One of the most beautifull and best known ravines of Crete, also known as Patsos gorge, named from the nearby village. It is about 35 minutes away from Rethymnon, in the Amari area. The ravine is about 5 kms long and requires about 2 hrs to traverse. A small river goes through its bottom and the whole ravine is full of plants and trees. Rare Cretan wild flowers, giant trees, small water falls, enormous rocks and the small river will fascinate you. You can also admire St.Antonio's very old cave-church and get a taste of the "holy water" which comes out of the enormous rock.

The Libyan sea breath - Sunset walk on Krioneritis mountain
About 50 minutes away south of Rethymnon-town this sunset walk takes you on Krioneritis mountain (1.310 m). This walk take place at an altitude of 1200 m and lasts around 4 hrs. The fantastic sunset view and dramatic scenery of the South and North Seas of Crete will fascinate you.