Motiv: Chania Port

Half day tour to Chania town

This specially designed tour around the old town and Venetian port will reveal Chania's status as a cultural crossroad. The beautiful town of Chania has managed to keep its local and authentic colours, despite the growing tourism. Chania is the main town in the west of Crete, with the second largest population after Heraklion. Chania is made of two parts: the old town, and the the larger modern town. This half day tour will take you around the lovely old town, situated next to the old Venetian harbour. Explore the Splantzia quarter behind the inner harbour and the Venetian Arsenals. Visit the Greek Orthodox Cathedral ("Trimartyri"), as well as the Roman Catholic cathedral and Etz Hayyim Synagogue. The Archaeological Museum is home to interesting findings from different parts of the area from several historical and prehistorical periods.

Motiv: Chania