Motiv: Solo travelers

Solo Travelers

Evergreen is doing its utmost to show Single Guests how to make the most of their time in Crete. Our services will exceed your expectations and will turn a simple vacation or business-trip into an unforgettable holiday experience. Free-spirited travelers are looking for excitement and discovery. Over the course of time we learned to recognize and focus on the special needs requested by solo travelers who plan a visit to Crete and would like to use our excellent services and activities for that purpose. Our tours may include land or sea activities , history, photography, language, sports, archaeology, gourmet tours, painting workshops, cooking classes and literature. These special programs are ideal for single travelers or small groups and they bring together people sharing the same interests.


  • Can I travel with a "Solo" Group?
  • What will my fellow travelers be like?
  • Proportion of women to men?
  • Group size?
  • Age range?
  • Do I have to stay with the group all of the time?
  • Will I get my own room?
  • Can I share a room with someone?
  • Is there any advantage to booking early?